Gear List

Current Gear List (as of July 17, 2013)

Main Gear items: 
GoLite Quest 50  60oz
Hennessy Hex Tarp  27.5oz (includes stuff sack and tie outs)
6 Aluminum Tri Stakes  2.9oz
REI Travel Down 45 sleeping bag/quilt 29.3oz
Excite Syn-mat 9 pump DLX 40.8oz ( I know it's heavy but I need to sleep!)
Cooking setup / system 23oz (This includes everything except fuel and food)
SteriPen Traveler 6.8oz
Basic Survival 25.7oz (Maps, compass, head lamp, knife, fire starter,  sun screen, Deet, and first aid)
Personal Kit 14.7oz (TP, wipes, sanitizer, tooth brush, tooth paste, bag, chap stick, Shovel etc.)
Cell phone and cable 5.8oz
Camera and case 12.1oz
Solar Charger 15.3oz
Journal and pen 5.5oz

Other misc items
Base Pack Weight  23lbs 

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