Monday, July 15, 2013

Section 10 - Update

I will be starting Section 10 on July 18th and finishing on July 26th.  At that point I am going to either start section 9 or do some other hikes with a few Meetup groups that I am a member of.  Weather looks good and food is all figured out. Still working on gear, trying to get my base below 20lbs, right now I am about 3lbs over that. 

I am going to post a gear list and other information as soon as I  get this blog figured out.  :)

Keep Hiking!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hike 3: Section 10 of the Pacific Northwest Trail

Hike 3 will be the final section of the PNT.  No I have not hike the other 9 sections, I am starting from the end, sorta.

Plan is to hike from Bogachiel State park to Shi Shi beach in 10 days.  It's a total of 82.7 miles.  12.6 more then the official mileage of Section 10, but that is because section 10 ends at Cape Alava and I am going to continue on to the Shi Shi trail head.

One resupply at the La Push Post office.  Average mileage will be about 8 per day, but a few will be more and a few a lot less.

Upon Completion I will update this post with the trip report and other info.