Monday, July 15, 2013

Section 10 - Update

I will be starting Section 10 on July 18th and finishing on July 26th.  At that point I am going to either start section 9 or do some other hikes with a few Meetup groups that I am a member of.  Weather looks good and food is all figured out. Still working on gear, trying to get my base below 20lbs, right now I am about 3lbs over that. 

I am going to post a gear list and other information as soon as I  get this blog figured out.  :)

Keep Hiking!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hike 3: Section 10 of the Pacific Northwest Trail

Hike 3 will be the final section of the PNT.  No I have not hike the other 9 sections, I am starting from the end, sorta.

Plan is to hike from Bogachiel State park to Shi Shi beach in 10 days.  It's a total of 82.7 miles.  12.6 more then the official mileage of Section 10, but that is because section 10 ends at Cape Alava and I am going to continue on to the Shi Shi trail head.

One resupply at the La Push Post office.  Average mileage will be about 8 per day, but a few will be more and a few a lot less.

Upon Completion I will update this post with the trip report and other info.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introduction to Blog

Hello one and all!

This will be my Journal for all my hiking trips starting in 2013 and continuing until....  Well hopefully just to continue!  My goal for this year(2013) is to complete a total of 25 hikes.  Be a day hike or a week long backpacking trip.  I will also try to post a blog entry for every hike and include pictures, probably lots of pictures.

I am also planning on losing a LOT of weight and getting in to much better shape.  Some of this will just happen because of the hiking, but I am also starting a exercise program and will be watching what I eat. 
Currently I am 6' 6" (198cm) and 295lbs (134kg), Ideally I would like to get to 220 but anything below 240 would be GREAT!

Feel Free to make a comment or suggestion if you so desire.  But this is mainly for me, and to help myself obtain my goals.  Most of the trail reports will also be posted on several of the Hiking Sites, like:,, and